5 Health Benefits Of Golf

Most golf players just take it as a sport of leisure. Little do they know the numerous health benefits of golf? Playing golf can guarantee you good health and well-being. Being that golf is played on a large outdoor course it encompasses many activities which promote good health. Some of these activities include walking, and even carrying clubs.

Some of the numerous health benefits of golf:

1. Helps in stress and cholesterol reduction
Just one of game can help you burn many calories which in turn help you get rid of excess cholesterol. Also being an outdoor game played in an environment filled with fresh air, it helps break the monotony of everyday activities. While interacting with others during golf playing, most of the things troubling you are forgotten. As such golf is good for people seeking to shed off extra fat and stay fit.

2. Good for the heart
Regular movement during golf increases the rate at which your blood flows. Increased blood flow is known to be very good for the health. Due to this, golfers rarely suffer from cardio-vascular diseases. With a good and functioning heart; the average person can live for long.

3. Boosts brain power and health
The brain most of the activities we engage in. Any type of aerobic activity helps create new brain cells and ensures more oxygen is pumped to the brain. Playing golf stimulates blood flow to the brain and even ensures good coordination between the nerve cells and tissues of the brain. This helps prevent and keep off dementia. Dementia is a very serious brain disorder which affects the thinking, recalling and general behavior of an individual. Carrying, swinging and pulling the clubs also pose great challenge to the brain. The brain has to calculate, coordinate, strategies and concentrate a lot.

4. Promotes bone health
Putting up with weight regularly is good for your bones. It is more like another form of strength training exercise. Strength training exercises are known to help develop lean and long muscle mass. This muscle mass in turn helps provide support for a strong skeleton. When you have healthy bones you are free of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

5. Good and peaceful sleep
Sleep is necessary for everyone to stay healthy and productive. The exercises engaged in while playing golf makes one fall asleep faster. This is because your body is totally worked out. Also exercise will make you remain in deep sleep for long hours. Regular and adequate sleep is known to prevent depression. If you are suffering from insomnia, start playing golf and back your regular sleep patterns.

It is evident that the health benefits of golf are more than you can imagine. In addition it is a very luxury sport and has very low chances of injury. The peace and tranquility that engulfs golf courses is enough to make you feel better.

5 Golf Driving Techniques Beginners Need To Know About

Golf tips for better driving are very essential for players who want to master their skills in golf. As usual, hitting off the tee is considered as a difficult practice in this sport. The tee area is one that can be hard to take a shot at. Nonetheless, whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, golf driving techniques beginners will be the ultimate solution that you need to perfect yourself.

The following are some of the best golf tips that can help you to improve your driving:

1. Keeping the ball in play
This is one of the tips that have always been overlooked. Golfers make the mistake of hitting the ball hard so that it goes as far as possible. Nevertheless, making sure the ball stays in play should be the ultimate focus. Golfers are advised to put more emphasis on the accuracy and not the distance. Hitting the ball hard could lead to hooking or slicing into the woods. The end results mean the player will lose strokes.

2. Posture
Posture is of great significance when you want to become the best in driving. Even though posture does not apply equally for all players, there are common factors that can make a huge difference. For instance, the feet shoulder width should remain apart. The ball should be played off the left heel with the head being in a position that is behind the ball. This posture should be maintained from the start of the game to the end.

As a golfer, it is not advisable to stand too straight when addressing the ball. The position of the knees ought to be as flexible as possible. Slumping over too much when addressing the ball is equally discouraged.

3. Avoid hitting the ball harder
This is another golf driving techniques beginners that can be very helpful for novice players. Understandably, hitting the ball too hard will lead to poor drive. The player must try a much as possible to get more distance off the tee, but this does not mean that he or she must rip into the ball. It is important to maximise the speed at which the head of the club moves down to the ball. Players are advised to maximize the speed at which the head of the club descends into the ball.

4. 460 cc clubs and the weight factor
It is no secret that the weight of the club will affect the driving of the player. When the club is heavier, it tends to impart extra energy to the ball The 460 cc clubs are increasingly becoming popular but players are advised to do a lot of practice in order to master them.

5. Practice
A discussion of the best golf driving techniques beginners cannot be complete without mentioning practice. It will be easier to achieve better golf short through practice. It will eventually make the player to be consistent and have a steady effort. It is important to take at least 30 minutes on a weekly basis to practice with the clubs and your driver.

There are many golf tips that you can access online in order to gain more knowledge. Golf remains a game that needs one to discover more so as to advance. The more you are able to discover, the higher the chances of becoming a better player.