The 6 Week Plan For Unfit Golfers!How To Become a Better Golfer in 30 Days!Cures For The Top 8 Most Common Golf Problems!

The 6 Week Plan For Unfit Golfers!

We all know how much we have to struggle! This 6 week plan will put you back in the game!

How To Become a Better Golfer in 30 Days!

Everyone can use some extra tips! There is always something more to learn! Its all about the skill after all!

Cures For The Top 8 Most Common Golf Problems!

You may not even know that you are not doing something right! Most common mistakes uncovered!

Generating Power in Your Golf Swing

  There are few sports as mentally challenging as golf. Men and women the world over spend small fortunes to play the most elaborate courses on earth because they seek to challenge their brains. However, the ability to drive the ball is nearly as physical as it is mental. Professional golfers have mastered muscle memorization, and…

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Improve Your Game With Online Golf Tips

Are you having problem in improving your game to reduce your strokes? Well, you still have a big chance to do better with useful online golf tips. You can at all times improve by combining practice in the game and a some studying to acquire useful golf tips and boost your score significantly. In this…

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How to Shift Your Weight in Golf Swing

Golf is among the most popular sports these days. But what many people don’t know is that playing golf is more than just striking the ball. A player requires the transfer of weight before, during and after contact in order to achieve the best results. Many golfers don’t transfer weight appropriately as they think dong…

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How to Hit Fairway Woods High Efficiently

There are many golf players wondering how they can hit fairway woods high. This is the usual case for beginners and amateur golf players. Mastering this technique allows the player to master the game and become more efficient when playing golf. Here are some useful tips on how to hit fairway woods high and efficiently….

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3 Tips: How to Hit Fairway Woods Better

For many golf players, hitting the fairway woods does not come without a struggle. Most of them make one big mistake: attempting to sweep the ball from the ground. Others even try lifting the ball using the club. The result of this is a skulled or thin shot. In this article, we give you the…

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How to Hit Fairway Irons in 5 Simple Steps

When it comes to hitting fairway irons, a good approach is needed. This is the best way for you to post an ideal score. The following are some tips on how to hit fairway irons: Step 1 This involves the squaring one’s shoulders to the green. Hitting the ball to the putting surface requires you…

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2 Golf Weight Shift Exercises To Improve Your Performance

One of the surest ways of becoming a professional golfer is by taking part in golf weight shift exercises. Simply put, these are physical exercises that are designed to strengthen muscles, joints and increase blood circulation to all the body parts involved in this sporting activity. Let us look at some of the best golf…

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