The 6 Week Plan For Unfit Golfers!How To Become a Better Golfer in 30 Days!Cures For The Top 8 Most Common Golf Problems!

The 6 Week Plan For Unfit Golfers!

We all know how much we have to struggle! This 6 week plan will put you back in the game!

How To Become a Better Golfer in 30 Days!

Everyone can use some extra tips! There is always something more to learn! Its all about the skill after all!

Cures For The Top 8 Most Common Golf Problems!

You may not even know that you are not doing something right! Most common mistakes uncovered!

Golf swing basics

Any golfer will tell you that everything matters when you get to the course from the air and grass to the clubs, shoes, noise, tee, humidity and noise. However, what matters most is the golf swing. Golf is all about proper golf swing. A golf swing involves the whole body working towards a specific purpose….

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3 Essential Tips To Master Golf Swing Basics

Ever since golf was reintroduced in 15th century Scotland, it has gone on to become one of the most popular sports. The substantial growth in golfs’ popularity has not only made golf into a universal sport, but it has also helped it to become one of the main events for the Olympics. While most people…

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Golf Swing Basics That Every Golfer Should Know

Golf can be a very difficult sport. This sport needs a lot of practice and mental discipline to be great at it. However, learning the basics of golf is very important early-on so you won’t develop bad habits that will be very difficult to eliminate in the future. Here are a few of the golf…

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